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Protecting Your Home And Business From Pests Starts Here...

At ACE we take pride in protecting public health, property and your reputation from unwanted pests problems.


Why Should You Choose ACE Over All The Other Pest Control Companies Out There?

Because we are the GOLD standard in the pest control industry. Our company is efficiently run with professionalism, responsibility, and proper ethics. We live by ten client centric core principles that guide our framework for decision making. These principles are the foundation our company was built on and are the reason ACE is the future of pest control. Click on each of the + symbols below and discover why you should go no where else for pest control:

8 Reasons You'll Love Having Your Home And Business Kept Pest Free By ACE:

1. FIRM appointments, your time is respected.
2. Phones answered “live” by real professionals.
3. 17-Step process places layers of pest protection.
4. We send out certified pest protection specialists. 
5. Inspected and treated for exact species of pests.
6. Honest and simple pricing plans to choose from.
7. LOCALLY OWNED and Owner Managed.
8. Satisfaction “GUARANTEED” or DOUBLE Your Money Back!


At you’re convenience, we will give your home or business an inside and out, floor to ceiling, incredibly thorough and complete pest control audit, checking for any evidence of pest problems. After this audit, we will show and tell you about any current problems you may have; why they exist and how they best can be remedied; and your options in fully protecting your home or business from pests. 

Why should you have this pest control audit now? Pest invasions are often insidious. By that I mean sneaky. They start small, invisible to your eye. By the time you see a pest problem you may have thousands of stinging, disease infested, destructive pests breeding inside your walls.  Undetected pest activity can even lead to unsafe electrical wiring inside walls and start fires! Pest problems cost much more to fix the longer they are allowed to develop undetected or untreated.



We provide protection against these 20 common pests:

Protecting your home and business isn’t just your priority, we consider it our priority too.  Our experts are committed to keeping pests like these and more out of your way all year long.

-->  Click an image below to learn more about that pest and discover what Ace Pest Protection will do for you...
How to get rid of wasps | Ace Pest Protection


Do You Want A New And Better Way To Do Business With Your Pest Professional?

Ask yourself this question: Why do we waste hours calling around for multiple bids? The answer is “Trust,” “Trust” that you got a fair price and more importantly, you want to make sure you find a pest control company you can “trust” to do the job right.

But that takes you tons of time. I have a better way for you. Let me give you a free pest audit & treatment... and I promise we never use any sales tricks our pushy nonsense. After your initial pest service, if you feel we've wasted your time and need another company, then don't pay us one cent. Not only will you not pay us, "WE'LL PAY YOU $100" for wasting your time. This guarantees you save time & frustration. Now that's how you do business!

Pest Control Guarantee | Ace Pest Protection

Do You Want An Exclusive Double Your Money Back Iron-Clad Guarantee?

We guarantee you will have a pest-free home and be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our services or we’ll come out and make it right… or refund 200% of your money. Yes, you read that right we will “DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!” 

Frankly, there’s no way on God’s green earth we could afford to do this—unless we were successful at making homes just like yours pest-free and at keeping clients for life. Which we are. So, take note: There is no fine sneaky print or "weasel out clauses" here. We guarantee your satisfaction period!

Which Pest Professional Is The Right One To Invite Into Your Home Or Business?

Most pest control companies use old worn out equipment & the cheapest products on your home, they’re staffed by temporary workers who have no clue what they are doing, they often water down their treatments trying to stretch them and save a buck. Doing this produces poor results.

So, as you can see, the pest control company you choose to protect you is NOT about the lowest price... Price is important, but far more important is if the pest control company you choose will really. I mean REALLY, do their job fully and thoroughly.

google five star reviews | Top Orthodontist: Braces, Invisalign

Beverly Emerson
Director of Development 

We have found their pest control service to be highly professional and very effective. The servicemen are always on time and answer any questions we have. We had a serious spider problem and a bad rat issue around the outside of our home when we first contacted this company and have had no problems since they started servicing our home. I am very happy I called Ace Pest Protection.  

google five star reviews | Top Orthodontist: Braces, Invisalign

Patricia Hernandez
Home Maker

To start with, the technician was such a pleasant person. We were pleased to have him recommend and apply the perfect treatment for our home. He showed me what he was doing and why it needed to be done. The plan outlined and executed on our home was just right. We are very satisfied and we plan to recommend your services to our friends.

google five star reviews | Top Orthodontist: Braces, Invisalign

Thanh & Linda Nguyen
Information Technology

Ace Pest Protection is the best pest control company in California. We are extremely satisfied with their services. We will never use another company! *If you are thinking of choosing Orkin or Terminix, you will be disappointed with their “BAD” services! We have used both of those pest control companies in the past and believe me, Don’t Waist Your Money! They were horrible!

You can call any one of the 100's of pest control companies in California and possibly be satisfied, but if you're looking for a company that exceeds your expectations and delivers the most thorough pest control available, then you will always end up at ACE




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"It's Time To Stop Being Overrun By Unwanted Guests...   Let Us Give You Peace Of Mind And Freedom From Pests!"